About Us

Experience the Best

BusTravel NZ hold a 5-Star rating under the NZTA Operator Rating System.

Setting the standard for airport precinct transport in Auckland – Bus Travel NZ offers its client’s passengers a premium experience like no other.

We are committed to ensuring our fleet remains as young as possible

Privately-owned, the business owners work alongside the entire team on a daily basis, and they whole-heartedly believe this makes a difference.

From a business culture perspective, we do not have ‘employees’, we have ‘team members’.  We do not have people working ‘for us’, our team work alongside us.  These two points are crucial to our success.

When a person joins the team, the become part of our ‘Bustravel family’.  No one is issued with employee numbers here! 

Jacki says, “It’s hugely important to me as the Talent Manager to understand the candidate’s personal situation right from the start.  Perhaps they have a young family and are required to be home during certain hours, or days.  Maybe they prefer working in the evenings and over the weekend.  They may wish to be present at their teenager’s weekly rugby or netball games.  All of these details are considered by the operations team for rostering because families rightfully want to know when mum or dad is going to be home for them”.   

“As the business owners, we strongly believe every member of our team should feel comfortable to pop in and have a chat with Brent or myself any time.  We do not hide in our office!” she adds.  

Compared to other passenger transport operators, we really are a boutique-size operation.  Our motivation and drive is not to be the largest operator, but rather the best! 

We enthusiastically believe we have the best people in the industry working alongside us and together we are ‘The Bus Travel Family’.